Nick Storry. Professional Wedding Magician.
Nick Storry.                                                                                Professional Wedding Magician.                                      

Hi, my name is Nick Storry and I have had the priviledge to make my living with comedy and magic for more than 30 years. I perform Close up table magic, Bunco booth and stage.  I have entertained all over the UK, parts of Europe and the USA.

Born in Essex I grew up with two loves, comedy and magic so it was a natural progression to entertain.  Close up table magic  at Weddings has been my most popular and requested work. A member of MEMS for nearly 30 years and a full member of the Magic Circle and International Brotherhood of Magicians. locations have been from living rooms to theatres. Every performance has to be entertainment first. Add lots of laughter and applause then I am a happy man.



Always happy to chat to people so please any questions or advice you would like for a stress free succesful event give me a call ( even if your not booking my services )

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Recieving a magic award from the President of MEMS.

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