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Booking Your Entertainment.

How much is it to book a magician ?

Great question it does vary widely, you could pay thousands for a famous TV performer or someone who thinks they should be.

You could book someone for a 2 hour booking for less than £200 but they are probably an inexperienced entertainer and hobbyist. Please make sure you magician has public liability insurance. You can always book someone famous ( or those who think they are lol ) for thousands of pounds! Then there is all those inbetween, thats where I sit and have decided to list my fees on this page. I offer value for an experienced entertainer accredited with membership to the world famous Magic Circle.

Some magicians charge more than me WHY? you may ask, If I pay more am I going to get a better magician? well the answer is no, probably not. So why are some magicians more expensive than others? 


I write this website myself, so probably is not the best . I mainly rely on reccomendations and repeat customers so keeping my promotional costs down i can make my performance fees more affordable compared to some others. The point here is a quality, entertaining, experienced magician with a transparent price list.


Most bookings are for 2 hours of magic entertainment.

This can be all close up magic, a static bunco table, a parlour style show or a mix to suit the event.



The fees:


For 1 hour of Close up magic or a parlour show                £190


For 1 1/2 hours of Close up mix and mingle magic            £240   


For 2 hours  of close up mix and mingle magic                  £290


Gold Package!


2 hours of close up magic followed by a 30 minute comedy magic floor / stage show ( ideal just before your evening music entertainment ) 

only £360.



Prices are for bookings within an hours drive.

Nick is willing to travel anywhere in the world, but this may be subject to additional fee,




Add a 30 minute comedy magic floor show or parlour style act.




Of course if you want to book for other durations thats ok.

Hopefully this helps make it easier and more transparent for you to book some great reliable entertainment.

Any questions please just ask,


you can fill out form below


Ring / text me on 07856745816 or email me at



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Full Public Liability Insurance With Aviva.



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