NICK STORRY Essex Magician.
     NICK STORRY                                                                                    Essex Magician.                                

                Nick Storry Sideshow Bunco Booth.

With Nick Storry 

" the honest cheat "


What do you get when you mix gambling, street cons, magic  sleight of hand and magic?


You get great interactive entertainment and Nick " the honest cheat " will perform all the classics. Three shell game, find the lady (3 card monte ) Grandmothers necklace ( fast and loose ) cover the spot and many many more. Dont worry you will not lose any money in fact you will gain an education on why not to play these games. Many of which are still played on the streets today in London, Paris , New York, Barcelona, Vegas in fact anywhere crowds are present.

Having Nick perform his unique Bunco Booth magic for your event is a great option.  The perfect solution when you need a static entertainer to complement your casino evening, promotional event or get together. Nick has his own professionally made performance table. Gather a crowd and get everybody involved in the fun.

A memory that will last long, long time.


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